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This is my main website, where I add new articles, notes and videos on the Bible and the Christian life. So, if you subscribe to our mailing list or contact us on, we will reply to you from
This website focuses on encouraging people to read the Bible, by means of a unique, color-coded chart we’ve developed entitled “The Bible in 90 Readings.”



Born Again: Our New Life in Christ
by Titus Chu
This is an excellent, concise study of what it means to be born anew in Christ. It simply goes through a number of verses in the New Testament to show what happens to us the moment be believe in Jesus Christ and are saved.

The Christian Faith Radio Hour
& Radio Hour Podcast
Each Saturday morning at 9:00 I host a live, one-hour radio program in Chicago, which is broadcast on AM 750, WNDZ.

Past editions of the program are available via The Christian Faith Radio Hour Podcast, which you can listen to on iTunes and Spotify.

If you want a quick way to save the program information, just download the photo-card at the top of this page.

If you‘re in Chicago, we hope you can tune in this coming Saturday!